My wonderful sister always guided me to "find my voice."
To honor Liz's legacy, I dedicate my new leadership book in her honor: 
Your personal how-to guide to create a compelling leadership brand & legacy

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"Find Your VOICE as a Leader" has been selected as one of the best books of 2016 by IndieReader!


Recent endorsements for "Find Your VOICE as a Leader":

"I’ve heard Paul speak on Finding Your VOICE as a Leader many times in several countries. His audiences immediately embrace his unique message. He explains his concept in this book and in his presentations with humor, clarity and a unique perspective. Get this book today and you’ll have insights into voicing your leadership ideas.”
- Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, international bestselling author and speaker

"One of life’s gifts is to be personal witness to another’s professional and personal life’s journey. Amazing to see, hear and now read Paul Larsen’s charisms manifest! His well-organized and meticulously prepared composition includes questions to ponder and action steps to take. Novices and established leaders will benefit."
– Carlos R. Hernandez, Social Business Strategist at Social Media For The Uncomfortable

"Paul is a powerful presenter, and his “Find Your Voice” message is both practical and memorable. I encourage you to read his book. As you do, you will be delighted to find practical, useful tips for improving your performance regardless of your role in life."             
– Bill Taylor, CMC Founder, SE Asia Foundation COO & Treasurer for Together We Can Change The World

"Offering concrete steps and guidance to develop greater self awareness, this book shows you what being authentic really means and how to work on being your best self. It equips you with the tools and skills necessary to be the catalyst of positive change your organization needs."
– Susan Friedmann, International bestselling author of “Riches in Niches”

"In “Find Your Voice As A Leader”, Paul has drawn on his experience as a seasoned executive coach to provide a compelling formula for leaders to create a powerful brand and legacy."
– Scott Friedman, Author of “A Celebration a Day! 365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace”

"Executive Coach Paul Larsen has a proven, simple and highly usable model for leaders to find their voice. This book arrives at a time when leaders need to cut through the chaos and noise of today’s global environment and use their “voice” for positive influence and impact. Paul’s new book demonstrates the easy steps to do just that."
– Debra Fine, bestselling Author of “The Fine Art of Small Talk”

"Without wasting a single word, Paul Larsen delivers a stellar guide to identifying and harnessing your personal skills as a leader, with wisdom that is applicable to a wide variety of power positions. Find Your VOICE As a Leader presents the wealth of Larsen’s own experience and structures it in an easy-to-read and engaging collection of exercises, questions, and valuable instructions. An entertaining – and most of all helpful – leadership guide that takes the subject in new directions."
- Self-Publishing Review

"Paul captures the essence of leadership in Find Your Voice as a Leader. He discusses all of my top leadership concerns, such as making sure your values are aligned with your work, ensuring that you remain honest with yourself and your team, and creating an atmosphere of collaborative respect in the workplace. This is a GREAT leadership book for managers who want to become true leaders!"
-Mary C. Kelly, PhD, Commander, US Navy (ret), Author of Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success

“Paul has written a wonderful guidebook that leaders can use to build their unique brand based on their values and vision. His wealth of experience and engaging style makes it easy to read, consume and execute new ideas. His VOICE concept is simple and memorable. I recommend it for new managers as well as seasoned leaders. We all have to keep honing our voice as a leader. I'll be sharing this book with my clients.”
-Wendy Hanson, Executive Coach/Thought Partner


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